Dedication to Turnstile Gates for Years to Make the Most Customer Satisfaction Jul 15, 2019

Turnstile gates are more often used in different areas as they make things easier and more efficient for our everyday life. In order to guarantee a safe and excellent user experience, ZOJE cares about every detail, committed to manufacturing the most reliable turnstile gates for every application, ranging from tripod turnstile, flap barriers, swing turnstile, speed gates to full height turnstile gates and so on.

We design the turnstile gate with the "artisan spirit" and participate with full energy to study the details in depth. The turnstile gate is a complex product relating to both mechanical and electronic technologies. It will be hardly possible to produce something really good without years of experience in the industry. Even since its establishment in 2012, ZOJE has been focusing on turnstile gates and has made great breakthroughs in this field.

Dedication to Turnstile Gates for Years to Make the Most Customer Satisfaction

What efforts did ZOJE make as they always offer such gorgeous turnstile gates to its clients?

It is better to focus on a single product than to do several. This is what we have always adhered to. The core value we provide to our customers is high quality turnstile gates, which has never changed. To guarantee the highest quality of turnstile gates, we care about each detail of all the process, whether it can be observed from outside or not, including: idea & design, R&D, supply chain, welding, assembling, finish, testing and packing, etc.

Dedication to Turnstile Gates for Years to Make the Most Customer Satisfaction

About Design

We adjust the housing height, indicator and identification module arrangement, angles and colors of turnstile gates accordingly so that they can integrate with the surroundings perfectly, just like a piece of artwork.

About R&D
Great companies invest much on R&D as they know how it matters to long-term development. A strong R&D team guarantees the quality. ZOJE will keep going on the way of innovation and creation.

About Supply Chain

We know what our customers want and we do accordingly. We are strict to our raw material suppliers as they are the source of top quality.

About Assembling

With the reliable raw material and skillful machining, what matters next is the assembling. If not assembled properly, the life expectancy might be shortened to some extent. Access control board, card reader, IR sensor panel and so on, all of which are the important things we ask our workers to pay special attention to when they make the final arrangement.