Classification of Materials for Turnstiles May 01, 2020

Different types and materials of turnstiles are as follows:

1. Metal material.
Among all kinds of engineering materials, metal materials are the most widely used. Stainless steel materials are widely used, not only they have good mechanical properties, but also  the price is relatively cheap and easy to obtain, which can meet the requirements of a variety of properties and applications. Because of its excellent properties, alloy steel is often used in the manufacture of important parts. Stainless steel is widely used to make revolving doors. Among non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper and its alloys have the most applications. Among them, aluminum alloy with light weight and corrosion resistance is the most widely used in automatic revolving door engineering.

2. Compound material.
Composite materials are composed of two or more materials with obviously different physical and mechanical properties. Different materials can be used as reinforcement phase and basic phase respectively. The strengthening phase plays an important role in improving the strength and rigidity of the matrix phase, while the matrix phase plays a role in determining the nature of the strengthening phase, so as to obtain the excellent properties which are difficult to be achieved by a single material.

Different types of turnstiles make different applications.