Building Visitor Management System Solution Nov 13, 2019

The office building is located in the center of the city, facing the complex surrounding environment, the frequent external personnel, the level of good and bad and other factors. Through the traditional means of security personnel to manually register and manage visitors, problems such as long time, low efficiency, after the fact query are tedious and so on, will often be missed. Unidentified personnel entering and leaving the building will bring many security risks to the building, and the existing situation can not meet the management requirements for external personnel. In order to solve the problem of the effective management of the building to the external personnel, the intelligent visitor system is proposed to improve the comprehensive security management level of the building to meet the requirements of modern management.

The scheme is based on the practicality, economy, advancement, flexibility, reliability and extensibility of the site. It is designed in an all-round way to ensure that the functions of the system are more perfect, the performance is more stable and reliable, and the structure is more reasonable, so as to fully meet the management needs of the office. In combination with the actual situation of the site, relevant risk level requirements and relevant regulations of the security industry, we have introduced the world's advanced technology and equipment, and made the following design scheme for the access of foreign personnel.

Outline of the plan

With the official implementation of the regulations of the Ministry of public security on the inspection of the internal security work of enterprises and institutions by the public security organs on October 1, 2007, the safety management of visitors' access has become the top priority of all levels of organs and enterprises and institutions. Especially with the rapid development of social economy, the mobility of all kinds of foreign personnel is becoming more and more frequent, which increases a lot of hidden dangers that can not be ignored. Visitor safety management and internal personnel management are the key points of the management of enterprises and institutions.

The intelligent visitor management system and the guard registration equipment can safely and reliably manage the visitors, not only ensure the safety management needs of the office building for the external visitors, but also improve the electronic visitor registration level and image of the office building.

Panorama of scheme

The above ground part of the project has 32 floors, including 5 podiums and main towers; there are 3 basements, the civil air defense basement is class A, which is located on the third underground floor and is fully buried.

Automatic registration and identification management of visitors' vehicles

It's mainly for visitors with cars. When the vehicle passes (the entrance of the above ground or underground parking lot), the system automatically captures the license plate number of the visiting vehicle, automatically judges whether the vehicle belongs to the vehicle that has been reserved and approved, and automatically decides whether to release.

The automatic registration and identification management of visitors' vehicles can greatly facilitate the quick, intelligent, safe and convenient management of visitors' vehicles by the managers, which not only improves the working efficiency of the managers, but also improves the modern and humanized image and pursuit concept of the office building.

Visitor intelligent registration management

Traditional visitor registration relies on manual registration, which is cumbersome and inconvenient to search quickly, and visitor records can not be kept for a long time, etc., which brings a lot of inconvenience to the security management and unnecessary security loopholes to the security management of the building.

Intelligent visitor registration management, using modern computing technology, as well as rapid ID reading, ID scanning OCR technology, modern biometric technology, etc., can carry out all-round rapid collection and registration of visitor information, and print access vouchers or issue smart IC cards. Visitors can get in and out of the building with a certificate or IC card. At the same time, visitors' access registration and action track are automatically electronically archived, which brings great convenience for future visitors' visit analysis, data query, event tracing, etc., and greatly improves the work efficiency of the guard.

Access management for visitors with obstacles in the lobby

The barrier passage in the visitor lobby refers to the wing gate passage set in the direction from the lobby to the elevator (office area). Internal employees can swipe in and out of the card reading area on the wing gate with internal valid certificates (such as IC card); visitors can swipe in and out of the card reading area on the wing gate with visitor valid certificates (such as second generation certificate, visitor's card or IC card). After visiting the office area, swipe the card in the reverse swiping area of the wing gate. The IC card can be swallowed automatically or handed back to the front desk.

Setting wing gate passage in the lobby can effectively improve the external image of the building, and at the same time strengthen and improve the safety management level of the building.

Access management of automatic doors and channels of visitors' floors

Visitors can arrive at each floor by elevator. Before entering the office area of the floor (i.e. at the elevator entrance of each floor), an automatic door can be set up. Internal employees can swipe in and out freely with IC card. External visitors can swipe in and out on the special channel "visitor gate machine" with valid visitor certificates (such as second generation card, visitor receipt or IC card). If the visitor carelessly loses or damages the valid certificate, the visual intercom function of "visitor door machine" can be used to carry out visual intercom with the main service desk. After the identity is verified through online video, the automatic door can be opened by the remote control of the main service desk.

Access management of fire doors and passageways of visitors' floors

After visitors arrive at each floor through the elevator, in order to prevent visitors from entering other floors up and down at will through the fire door at the stairway entrance, it is recommended to install "visitor door machine" beside the fire door at the stairway entrance of each floor. Internal employees can swipe their IC card to enter and exit the fire door freely, and external visitors must swipe their cards on the "visitor gate machine" with valid visitor certificates (such as second generation card, visitor receipt or IC card). Similarly, if the visitor carelessly loses or damages the valid certificate, the visual intercom function of the "visitor's door machine" can still be used to carry out visual intercom with the main service desk. After the identity is verified through online video, the main service desk can remotely control and open the fire door.

The function of "visitors' gate machine" is the same as that of "visitors' gate machine" in "visitors' automatic door and channel access management".

Automatic capture and management of visitor's action track

After the visitors register in the lobby, they can sign and issue an active RFID card. By installing wireless receiving devices on each floor, they can easily get their arrival location. According to the time sequence of location arrival, they can get their action track.

The visitor's action track can be automatically captured in real time, and it can accurately locate which floor and which area of which floor on the 3D building simulation map. This function plays a very good role in timely notification, warning, and prevention of expansion of events in response to visitors' emergencies, which is of great significance in early warning and safety prevention.