Why do we use turnstile gates Jul 09, 2019

Turnstile gates are commonly used in metro or railway stations nowadays as they are a smarter and more effective way to get rid of the ticket inspectors. They are installed in designated area of the lobby to separate the free /non-paid and paid area. Different types and quantities of turnstile gates are applied according to specific requirement.This way, crowds of passengers can be guided in proper order, besides they can gain entry and exit faster.


Generally speaking, tripod turnstile gates and flap barriers are more popular for metro station. Swing turnstile gates / speed gates would be the preferred choice for railway stations as they are more capable of forming wider lanes for passengers with large luggage.


Turnstile gates have to be integrated with access control,QR Code, fingerprint identification, face recognition or other modules to function. Turnstile gates used in metro stations are also equipped with single ticket collector. Each lane can be configured as one-way or bidirectional passage.Passengers can always go towards the correct way by the help of directional arrow indicator on the turnstile gate. As they tap their card / ticket, scan QR code or conduct biometric recognition to get authorization, the detailed information will show on the display accordingly.


Thanks to turnstile gates and other integrated modern technologies, the whole process for ticket inspection can be finished in an unattended way.


With the severe global security situation taking into consideration, it is believed that more and more turnstile gates are going to be installed as part of the safe-community plan.


With years of experience, ZOJE has made a very positive contribution to the public security, in addition, ZOJE will devote more efforts to research and development to present most reliable turnstile products for all clients around the world.