Main Application of Turnstile Gate Sep 21, 2019

Pedestrian turnstile gate is a high-end scientific and technological product for intelligent management of personnel channels. The product uses the latest technology of machine core and industrial-level electronic control, as well as human-based scientific mechanical transmission design. The product has stable performance, complete functions, humanized design, and high grade. It is mainly used in metro, wharf, club, intelligent building, villa community, hotel lobby and other places with high management requirements, high closure requirements, and concentrated traffic. The device is compatible with all kinds of access identification system equipment. The intelligent channel control and management can be realized by simply docking with the wing brake, such as induction card access control, biometric access control, electrostatic test access control and so on.

2. Full-height revolving door structure:

2.1 Structural Subject
The stainless steel pipe and plate with special fine profile strengthened are used.

2.2 drive mechanism
The driving mechanism integrates the control system, transmission system, and electronic lock components, so it can achieve small volume, low noise and maintenance-free.

2.3 Main Drive Motor and Its Control
DC motor is used in the drive motor. Its main characteristics are small size, high output power, low noise, maintenance-free, low moment of inertia control and high control accuracy. These advantages are hard to achieve by AC drivers.

The pedestrian turnstile gate DC motor uses a PWM modulation controller to digitally adjust speed and precisely locate through the Hall element and incremental shaft encoder.

3. Full-height rotary door options:

Additional card reader, walkie-talkie, coin machine equipment, etc.

Remote console or console (open, locked, rejected)