How to Use Pedestrian Passage Gate with Face Recognition Nov 17, 2020

Pedestrian passage gates can be equipped with a lot of equipment, and there are many functions that can be expanded, but now it is popular to use face-swiping, face-swiping payment, face-swiping unlocking, freeing hands, convenient and fast, pedestrian swing gates can also realize face-swiping to open the door. And can realize the network operation, the maintenance is simple, the software operation is also easy to use.

To realize the opening of the gate in line with the pedestrian gate, the structure of the swing gate is mainly divided into the cabinet, the motor, the movement, the main control board, the slave control board, and the LED indicator board. The main control board of the swing gate is used To control the operation of the entire gate, there is a terminal on the control board that says Left Open and Common. As long as the face connects the gate opening signal to these two terminals, the pedestrian swing gate can be controlled to open.

There are two ways to record faces by face recognition. One is to record faces in the local background. The other is to record faces on the cloud. The first is to form a local area network on the on-site computer with the gate. Install the software, and use the software to take pictures and record faces by calling the on-site face recognition equipment. You can also record faces directly on the computer through photos. You can also install a camera on the computer to take pictures and record faces in front of the computer. There are many ways to record faces. The other is to record faces in the cloud. As long as there is a network, you can directly record faces and send them to the device. The cloud can also manage face devices in multiple areas at the same time to realize data viewing and modification.

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