How to Maintain Flap Barrier Oct 01, 2019

Many customers and friends bought flap barrier mechanisms from HongKong ZOJE. In the beginning, they still paid attention to maintenance and maintenance. However, after a long time, the maintenance of the wing brake has been neglected, resulting in a significant reduction in the service life of flap barrier mechanisms. Here is a detailed analysis.

1. Anti-EMI
For wing brake card reader and door opening button, special attention should be paid to electromagnetic interference prevention, especially the interference of lighting switch, electric typewriter and computer. With the promise of the preceding, the card reader should be installed more than 30 cm apart from the power supply.

2. Preventing attenuation of transmitted signals
The installation of the flap barrier mechanism and access control controller should take into account the gap between the controller and card reader. The ideal transmission interval is within 100m. For signal transmission cables, the shielding of cables and signal attenuation caused by long-distance transmission should be considered firstly. In the process of pipeline construction, steel pipelines and cable bridges should be adopted, and reliable grounding should be done.

3. Debugging of Access Control Controller and System Software
System debugging is the key link to ensure the quality of the gate guard system. The key lies in the debugging of the entrance guard controller and the operation of the system software. The debugging process of the two departments needs to be carried out simultaneously by the manufacturer. The function of the controller is that besides the input of the card reader, the output function of relay linkage should be set according to the need, the time and place of alarm and the start of alarm, such as camera, alarm horn, etc.

For the maintenance of the wing brake, the above can also be understood, I hope to help you.