How to Choose the Lifting Column in Different Scenes Feb 01, 2021

Among many road barrier equipments, the rising security bollard is a type of intelligent device that controls the passage of vehicles. It can be used in conjunction with the barrier control system, and it can also be used alone.

The rising security bollard is divided into three types: automatic rising type, semi-automatic rising type and fixed type; and the automatic rising type is divided into hydraulic rising type and automatic rising type. It is mainly designed and developed specifically to prevent unauthorized vehicles from forcibly entering sensitive areas. The automatic rising security bollard has high properities of practicability, reliability and safety. It is composed of the bottom base, rising blocking barrier bollard, power transmission device, control device and other parts. According to the different needs of different customers, it has a variety of configuration methods for users to choose, which can meet the functional requirements of various customers.

1. In some places with certain traffic flow where the rising security bollard are frequently used, it is appropriate to use a fully automatic rising security bollard. As long as it is operated by remote control, the rise and fall of it can be realized. And it can also be linked with the license plate recognition system to achieve automatic license plate recognition, which can make the rising security bollard rise automatically. What's more, it can even be installed with corresponding modules to realize remote control; and because the material of the rising security bollard is relatively firm, it can effectively intercept the deliberate intrusion of motor vehicles.

2. The semi-automatic rising security bollard is suitable for the circumstance of infrequent rise and fall because it is driven by means of manually lowering and automatically raising. It is set on a closed intersection at ordinary times, and it will be opened only when encountering firefighting or inspection of leaders, or when in places where flexible control of the opening/closing of intersections are necassary but power can not be obtained.

3. The rise and fall of the manual rising security bollard are both operated manually. This specific driving form determines where the manual rising security bollard is suitable for. In places where frequent rise and fall of it is not required and the economic costs must be considered, the cost-effectiveness of the manual rising security bollard is highlighted.