How Should Automatic Swing Gate be Wired? Dec 08, 2020

Ⅰ. The importance of correct wiring of automatic swing gates

The installation of gates is a matter of great concern to most customers, and it is an important and critical step for the installation and wiring of automatic swing gates. If there is a problem in the wiring during installation, the lighter will cause the gate to operate unstable or unable to operate, and the serious one will cause the damage of the gate. Therefore, for the wiring problem of automatic swing gates, the following introduction is made:

Ⅱ. The steps of installing wiring for automatic swing gates

Generally, the base of the automatic swing gate can be fixed with an expansion bolt. Simply install a pedestrian automatic swing gate operator, that is, connect a power cord to the gate controller, then fix the gate and swipe the card normally. 

1. Wiring

Measure on-site according to the design drawings, position the automatic swing gate, and after the gate is installed, draw a mark, start digging the trench to bury the power line pipe, thread the line into the pipe, and connect the gate system protection ground.

2. UPS assembly

3. Fix the automatic swing gate machine: fix the pedestrian gates, and the gates of the left and right gates of each channel should be aligned;

4. After installation, power on to debug and test the traffic conditions of high-end machines, and seal the trenches that have been dug with cement.

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