What Benefits Do We Get From Flap Barriers? Jul 17, 2019

Comprehensive management system integrated with access control, speed gates as well as other technologies make modern buildings really smart and high-efficient. But in schools, subway stations, exhibition centers and other occasions with large volume of people, flap barriers would have better performance and be more user-friendly. What can those flap barrier gate do? Now let's learn more.

1.Entry / Exit Control
In old buildings, access control system is only applied to designated area, without paying attention to the public area. However, safety of the public area plays an more important role for the general security level of the whole building. So just install a few sets of flap barriers at the main entrance to update your building. People work in the building can easily get entry or exit with authorized ID cards. Detailed information for each entry or exit will be recorded for further reference.

2. Visitor Management
With the help of flap barrier turnstile gates, the management of visitors becomes so easy.
When visitors arrive, they first go to the reception desk to get registered. They should claim to whom and for what reason they are paying the visit as well as estimated duration of the visit.All these information has to be confirmed with the inside employees. Upon confirmation, the receptionist will scan and upload the ID card of the visitor to authorize a temporary one-time card. After the visitor finishes the visit, he or she will insert the one-time card into the card collector to exit.

3. Time Attendance Management
Flap barrier gate installed at entrance to schools or office buildings will keep good records of detailed information for each entry and exit. When does someone gets inside and outside, all these can be further referred to thanks to the smart time attendance management system integrated with the flap barriers.