Flap Barrier - One of the Channel Management Equipment Jul 19, 2019

The flap barrier mechanism is one of the channel management devices and is mainly used for pedestrian channel management. It has the characteristics of quick opening, safety and convenience, and is an ideal management and grooming device for pedestrians with high frequency access. It has been widely used in airports, subway stations, stations, terminals, scenic spots, parks, student dormitories, pedestrian walkways, etc. It can cooperate with smart cards to realize offline ticket sales management system functions and form unattended management of personnel entering and leaving. Domestic products in this area are developing very fast. The main manufacturers are all in Shenzhen.

Origin of the name

It basically consists of a main box and a movable wing. The shape is like an eagle with wings spread out. Therefore, it is called the flap barrier gate. It has a blocking (dissuasion) function for unauthorized personnel, so it is also known as a turnstile. The advantage is that it runs fast and luxurious. The disadvantage is that the passage is narrow and only pedestrians pass.

Function and component

It is mainly used for channel entrance and exit management. The general application site only allows personnel to pass, or tow the baggage personnel, and the disabled personnel. Considering the telescopic characteristics of the flap barrier, most of the flap barrier passages prohibit bicycles, motorcycles and other fast vehicles. The ordinary flap barrier is composed of an outer frame chassis, a movement, a wing arm, a control system, an infrared sensor, and a control device.

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