Features of Passage Gate Sep 11, 2020

Principle of passage gate: Programmable controller controls a row of output relays by driving input relays so as to drive the load action of the output terminal. After the action command to be achieved is inputted into the PLC, then external conditions are needed to stimulate it to execute the given command. These external conditions are the signals inputted to it. The PLC of the passage gate works on receiving infrared sensor, proximity switch, and the signal of the safety contact belt. When there is a signal (i.e. someone is passing through the revolving door), the PLC receives the signal and commands the inverter to start working. The inverter outputs the set frequency, and the drive motor starts to act to drive the revolving door to rotate.

Features of automatic passage gate:

Novel structure design

Two wing revolving door is a perfect combination of the automatic revolving doors and auto sliding door in terms of advantage. According to different seasons and occasions, we can choose the working mode of revolving door or sliding door, especially for the occasions with large passenger flow. At the same time, this design enhances the wind resistance, eliminates the tuyere effect, reduces energy consumption, effectively blocks the entry of dust, noise and exhaust gas, and gives full play to the isolation and dredging function of the door.

Multiple security measures

The high sensitivity radar system ensures that the gate can be opened immediately and the speed can be adjusted. At the entrance and revolving door, there are many contactless sensors and unique safety switch to ensure the safety of passagers. The gate can be connected with fire alarm system. In case of power failure and accident, the emergency handling unit automatically rotates the door to the position of safe evacuation. At the same time, the middle smooth door opens automatically, forming a spacious evacuation (emergency) channel.

Convenient maintenance and long service life

The revolving door is equipped with fault detection, able to quickly and accurately judge and timely solve malfunction. The gate bears its own load evenly, ensuring a long service life.