Epidemic Prevention and Control: the Role Smart Swing Gate of the Community Sep 29, 2020

The new coronavirus is sweeping the world. In the absence of a vaccine, it can only be isolated from people by avoiding human contact. It is particularly important to manage the community in a closed mode. The closed mode can not only isolate the external transmission. If a case is found in the community, it can also be tracked. If the closed management is only maintained by humans, then personnel entering and exiting need to be registered, and the pen and paper will be contacted repeatedly, which increases the risk of infection. It is not common to see people who violently resist law enforcement. At the gate of the community, swing gates should be installed, because the swing gate not only stops pedestrians, but also stops bicycles, electric vehicles, and motorcycles that carry large items.

ZOJE smart swing gates are made of 304 stainless steel, which is strong and crashworthy. The cabinet has been treated with corrosion and rust prevention. It can be used outdoors without fear of rain and exposure, with illegal incoming alarm function and prevent trailing function. LED traffic instructions and installation of swing gates can effectively conduct closed management of the community, prevent outsiders from entering, and have powerful expansion functions. In the personnel registration section, it can be equipped with face recognition equipment and owners only need to provide face photos to be input in the whitelist. By operating the face recognition software, the owner can pass the face recognition, and can also measure the body temperature. If the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, the alarm prompts and the one can't enter the community. The software real-time monitoring, data query and export view require no manual registration, and statistical procedures are reduced. To improve the security efficiency of the management community, swing gates with smart facial devices can provide safer and more effective measures to prevent the new crown virus from the epidemic.