Daily Maintenance of Face Temperature Measuring Speed Gate Oct 27, 2020

Speed gate turnstiles have become an important symbol of the progress of contemporary social civilization. People have higher and higher requirements for safe travel under the premise of continuous technological development, and speed gate turnstiles conform to the development of the era, which can escort people's travel. Especially for this year's big situation, epidemic prevention and control, the flow of people and body temperature control are urgent. Therefore, more and more places have chosen face temperature measurement speed gates as a control equipment for security passages, which can not only ensure the control of the standard flow of people, but also prevent the entry and exit of unauthorized personnel. At the same time, it carried out temperature measurements on passers-by. But the speed gate is a mechanical product, failure is inevitable. What we can do is to maintain the gate regularly to extend the life of the gate and ensure the operation performance of the speed gate is more stable.

We can perform regular inspections after the installation of the speed door. Professional after-sales maintenance personnel of the speed door are required to carry out regular inspection and maintenance. Generally, maintenance are carried out once every 3 months, which can make the operation of the speed door more stable and effectively avoid the occurrence of injuries.

Of course, if the speed door operates abnormally, we must cut off the power supply of the speed-pass door and wait for professional maintenance personnel to inspect and repair. Although sometimes it may be continuous operation for too long, the problem will disappear after the power is turned on again, but if condition allowed, it is better to ask professional maintenance personnel to test and power on before use. After all, our original intention of installing the speed door is to improve safety. If it hurts people, it violates our original intention of installation.

Regularly wipe the surface of the speed gate with stainless steel maintenance fluid, which is also one of the effective protection methods.

In short, in order to run the speed door more smoothly and use it longer, we need to carry out regular maintenance on the speed door for better use.