Components of the Speed Gate Oct 13, 2020

The basic components of the speed door include the box, the swing arm, the movement, the control part and the auxiliary module.

1. Cabinet

Protect internal parts such as movement and control module, and play a supporting role. The main body material is usually 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the auxiliary materials include plexiglass, tempered glass, etc. The selection of materials generally needs to be considered strong, beautiful, not easy to deform, scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, and easier to process and fix.

2. Swing arm

It acts as a barrier when pedestrians are not allowed to pass, and opens when pedestrians are allowed to pass. It is generally realized in the form of a gate or a bar. The main consideration for the selection of materials is firmness and a certain endurance, but its own endurance will not cause excessive harm to people.

3. Movement

It is composed of various mechanical components (including drive motors, clutches, encoders, etc.), and uses mechanical principles to control the opening and closing of the swing arm. The key factors that affect the performance and service life of the movement include processing technology and materials, but the most important thing is the drive motor and the matching reducer.

4. Control part

The control part realizes the control of various electrical components and drive motors, with fast running speed, strong control functions, and professional motor control circuits to ensure stable and reliable operation of the drive equipment. Different effects can be obtained through parameter setting.

5. Auxiliary module

Including indicator light, infrared radio module, voice prompt module, etc.