Classification of Revolving Door System Aug 28, 2020

How to ensure the safety of revolving door system. The automatic revolving door system is composed of four parts: frame system, electrical control system, drive system and safety system. The safety system is the guarantee for the safety of the passing personnel.

Safety emergency braking system: In emergency, you can press the emergency stop button, and the rotation can be stopped in any state to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Safety intelligent anti pinch system: In normal operation, there are multiple sets of sensors to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The dangerous area is very small in the moment rotation adjustment. One finger can pull the door to stop so as to achieve the purpose of intelligent anti pinch.

Disability safety protection system: The revolving door is equipped with a disability protection system, which can be easily started to ensure that the disabled pass through safely and slowly when necessary.

Safety escape system: The two wing revolving door can interact with the fire protection system of the building. After receiving the fire alarm, it will automatically switch to the escape mode, stop rotating, and the middle automatic door is fully open, providing the greatest convenience for escape; for three wing/four wing revolving door, the door can be manually pushed to form an escape channel (customized).

Lock security protection system: In the lock mode, it automatically runs to the best protection position, and locks itself to keep static so as to protect the building security to the greatest extent.

Power off safety protection system: In case of sudden power off, emergency start ups power supply system to ensure the best operation of the product.