Characteristics of Turnstile Door Jun 08, 2020

Pedestrian turnstile door is the top product in the door industry, giving people an intimate and generous feeling while creating a luxurious atmosphere. Its spacious open facade and high-level design can be called the finishing touch of the building, which can ensure the energy-saving, comfortable space and constant temperature inside the building with windproof, sandproof, luxurious and soundproof features.

Novel structure design

The two-wing turnstile door is a perfect combination of the advantages of pedestrian turnstile gate and automatic swing gate. The working mode of turnstile door or smooth door can be selected according to different seasons and occasions, especially suitable for the occasions with large passenger flow. At the same time, this design enhances the wind resistance, eliminates the effect of the tuyere, reduces energy consumption, effectively blocks the entry of dust, noise and exhaust gas, and fully exerts the role of door isolation and dredging.

Multiple security measures

The high-sensitivity radar system ensures that the door can be opened instantly and the speed can be adjusted. At the part of entrance and revolving door, multiple non-contact sensors and unique safety switches are installed to ensure the safety of passers-by. The gate can be connected to the fire alarm system. In the event of power failure and accidents, the emergency handling unit automatically rotates the door to a safe evacuation position. At the same time, the middle smooth door opens automatically, forming a spacious evacuation (emergency) channel.

Easy maintenance and long service life

The turnstile door has a fault detection function, which can quickly and accurately judge and eliminate the fault in time. The gate itself is load-bearing and evenly stressed to ensure a long service life.