Characteristics of Revolving Door Sep 04, 2020

It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing devices, which is convenient for system integration, and can realize remote control and management through management computer.

It has automatic reset function. After reading the valid card, if the passer does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the pass permission of the passer, and the limited pass time can be set by the management personnel. The whole system runs smoothly with low noise.

There are a variety of working modes to choose from, that is, two-way flow restriction, one-way traffic, reverse traffic prohibition, one-way traffic, reverse free traffic. After reading the valid card, the pedestrian only needs to push the revolving door gently after entering. It can reset automatically and is accessible in both directions. The three doors are always closed. The revolving door rotates 120 degrees each time (or the revolving door rotates 90 degrees or 180 degrees each time).

The unique transmission system is adopted to make the lock and unlock of the brake more accurate and reliable.

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