Application of Swing Gate Turnstile in Large Supermarkets Jan 01, 2021

Ⅰ. Application of swing gate turnstile in supermarkets

Swing gate turnstiles are installed at the entrances of many large supermarkets in the city. The swing gates are automatically opened when customers pass the entrance, and then closed after passing. How does the swing gate turnstile automatically sense and work?

Ⅱ. How does the swing gate turnstile automatically sense?

1. Radar sensing:

The radar-sensing swing gate turnstile is composed of 6 uprights and 2 swing arms. The shape design is relatively simple, and there is no guard rail in front. There is a large gap between the columns, and only two stainless steel beams are used to connect. The radar sensing device is installed on the middle column, so that when a customer approaches, a sensing area will be formed within one meter in front of the middle column. Whether you are walking forward to enter the supermarket or passing by, as long as you are in the sensing area, the radar sensing device will send out a door open signal, and you can pass by opening the swing arm.

2. Infrared sensor:

The swing gate turnstile equipped with infrared sensor is controlled by infrared sensor to control the swing arm. The infrared sensor is installed on the middle column. There is a small guardrail column in front of the middle column and one on the left side of the middle column. Infrared transmitter, there is a reflector like a bicycle taillight on the right side of the middle column. When the infrared sensor emitted by the left infrared sensor illuminates the right reflector, a loop is formed. If a customer passes by, the infrared is blocked and the signal It will be transmitted to the infrared sensor, and then the sensor will send a door open signal to the swing arm, and the door will be automatically opened. When a person passes by or no one passes by, the infrared rays emitted by the sensor hit the right column to form a loop. The swing arm returns to its original position and is in a closed state.