Application of Sharp-Angle Flap Gate Sep 27, 2019

The sharp-angle flap turnstile is a high-tech product for intelligent management of personnel passage, an upgraded product of intelligent swing gate and three-roll gate. The product adopts industrial circuit control system and human-oriented scientific mechanical transmission design. The product has stable performance, complete functions, humanized design, and high grade. It is mainly used in high-grade places such as metro, wharf, club, intelligent building, villa community, hotel lobby and so on.

The device is compatible with all kinds of access identification system equipment. The intelligent channel control and management can be realized by simply docking with the wing brake, such as induction card access control, biometric access control, electrostatic test access control and so on.

Extensible function of flap turnstile

Two-way automatic counting function can be positive "add", reverse "subtract", automatic statistics of the number of people present (customized).

Voice prompt function: "Welcome! I wish you a happy voyage! Please swipe your card! Etc. (custom-made)

Selection of material and primary color for a telescopic arm.

Main Structure and Configuration of Spike Wing Gate (Single Channel as Standard)

Two standard stainless steel chassis, two plexiglass arms, two industrial-grade master control boards, two transformers, two motors, two machine cores and transmission parts, three-four pairs of infrared radiation, four high-light indicator lights.