Application Of Turnstile Sep 23, 2019

The all-high gate is also called a rotary gate or all-high switch gate, and also called cross-turn gate. It is the latest upgraded product of three-roll gate, swing gate, wing gate, and translation gate. It has irreplaceable superiority. It can form an inherently closed passage space, pedestrians can swipe their cards in an orderly manner, and turnstile security products are suitable for many places.

Many important places need unattended all-weather security measures, such as prisons, factories engaged in special industry operations, construction sites and other places have become a full promoter of turnstile security products. The rapid development of the industry has led to several fast-growing enterprises. Switching is suitable for strict control zones. It can effectively prevent climbing, drilling, and when passing through the switch, the switch controlled by the management authority can refuse access to those without authority. If passing through the authority, the switch will be released automatically.

Turstile security products are suitable for many places: prisons, military management area banks, and factories with very strict access management (such as chemical plants, construction sites, etc.). The mechanical part of the equipment includes an emergency control device. When the power is cut off, the central arm can rotate freely to ensure the smooth passage. It meets the requirements of fire fighting and automatically latches when the power is turned on. It can be applied to all building environments and can solve all control problems of pedestrian entrance and exit passages. It can control whether the brake is locked or unlocked at any time. It has up to 20 signal interfaces, which facilitates users to expand their functions.